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Like many individuals, my relationship with food has been a complex and evolving story. Throughout my teenage years and early twenties, I battled with eating disorders, enduring a challenging journey towards recovery. It was during this transformative process that I became increasingly aware of the suffering endured by animals within our food system, prompting me to explore the path of veganism. Adopting a vegan lifestyle not only allowed me to practice compassion towards animals but also revealed that eating can be a powerful opportunity to foster a kinder world. For many, embracing veganism opens the doors to greater well-being and a more conscious way of living. It was through this journey that I discovered the joys of cooking, beginning my culinary exploration within the confines of my tiny New York City kitchen. However, as anyone who has healed from an eating disorder can attest, the path is far from linear. Even in my early years as a vegan, I found myself caught in the traps of food alarmism and dogma, struggling to fully embrace the pleasure of eating. Throughout the past decade of my blogging journey, I have come to embrace food as a source of both pleasure and nourishment. My recipes are not only wholesome but also crafted with a sense of fun and an understanding that not every ingredient needs to serve a purely nutritional purpose. I've learned to celebrate the art of cooking, savoring each bite with gratitude and joy. Within my blog, I publish a weekly Weekend Reading Post, where I share personal musings and articles covering topics ranging from medicine and science to the human experience. These posts serve as a reminder that our pursuit of health and wellness extends far beyond what we place on our plates. It is a holistic journey that encompasses mind, body, and soul. In addition to my blogging endeavors, I am a registered dietitian (RD) with nearly a decade of experience in nutrition counseling. If you're curious about the services I offer, you can explore them here. My ultimate hope is that this online space gives you permission to celebrate your appetites and embrace the beauty of food, one recipe at a time. Here's to a life lived in fullness, where healing, compassion, and pleasure intertwine on our culinary journeys.

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